Nyang Nyang Surf Camp

At our surf camp we have traditional bungalows located right on a beautiful beach at the stunning and hidden Nyang-Nyang or Masokut island. The camp can house a maximum of 10 persons and provides a traditional feel with modern facilities. The ideal Indonesian atmosphere gives our visitors a unique memorable stay. Our island offers amazing surfing opportunities with excellent breaks such as: E-bay, Beng-Bengs, Nipussi, Bank Vaults and Pitstops. You can find these high quality waves within a walking distance from our camp. With white sandy beaches, countless palm trees, turquoises waters, coral reefs and breathtaking waves, our Camp Siberut offers an exciting priceless experience.

The basics and some amenities on our nature’s retreat:

  • surfboards rental.
  • surfboards for sale.
  • electricity.
  • one fan per room.
  • refrigerator.
  • mosquito nets over every bed.
  • “Western” toilets.

The most important thing as you basically come to surf; we have a great quality and quantity of world class waves. With 5 surf-breaks at a short walking distance from our camp, you can surf all you want, at any time you want. You can even get tired of surfing!

  • E-Bay : 5 minutes
  • Beng-Bengs : 10 minutes
  • Pitstops :10 minutes
  • Bank Vaults: 30 minutes
  • Nipussi : about 1 hour

Mentawai will surpass your expectations. It gives no disappointments.